• Brad Lester

What does it really take to get faster.!?

Updated: Jun 22

f you believe doing a few sprints is the key to getting faster, you have been misinformed . Enhancing your speed requires you to train the four components of speed/strength: acceleration, top-end speed , explosive-power and speed endurance.

Increasing force into the ground is one of the most important concepts of speed development. This is why explosive movements with intense force - intensity is important for athletes

  • Get Stronger. Strength is the foundation of speed. If you're weak, you won't be able to drive into the ground.

  • Improve Your Posture. Having perfect posture allows you to run efficiently.

  • Get Powerful. Strength is the foundation, but you need to be able to express your strength quickly.

  • Refine Your Technique. Once you've mastered the previous three, refine your technique so you don't waste energy when sprinting.

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