• Brad Lester

Brad Lester workout details with Texas Running Backs

University of Texas RB workout

A)Warm Up/ Explosive prep movements

1.1Static Warm up 5/7 minutes

Speed ladder w / resistance ankle Strap

2.stationary “In and Outs - 3 sets 35 sec

3.stationary “explosive steps-3 sets 35sec

4.Stationary Hip Rotation 2 set 35 each

5.Around the Worlds- 3 sets of 35seconds

6.Low Frame (ankle resistance bands) to forward |slight side step (2 sets slow | 2 sets of 10 yards fast)

4-6 lateral to accelerate forward accelerate (4 reps)

5 line reaction still


(B)Dynamic Lateral Phase

  1. Bound to Bounce Back(bands)-2 each way

  2. 2 sets no resistance

  3. 1 Step to reaction T- Drill (then accelerate forward -change Direction-to - back to open field reaction jump cut

  4. Straight line (quick hip flips forward )

  5. Straight line (In\Out Standing Tall

  6. Straight line (In\Out Sitting Low

Ball Drill Station

(C)Strength-Endurance 4th Qtr Phase

Brad Lester

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