• Brad Lester

Brad Lester | The Importance of Running Backs Staying Versatile

I always try having the running backs that i work with to mix things up when it comes to running a zone scheme . On some scenarios line up at your normal depth but be patient as well as slow down so your lineman have time to get a body on the linebackers. Also being patient then using jump cuts opens up randoms running lanes that aren’t first there.

Another mix up that I like the best is lining up two yards deeper then you usually would , that way you can press the defense full speed at the snap of the play but then will still allow your lineman time to get a hand on defenders . When linebackers see RBs coming downhill full go on the snap they usually think it’s a iso play or a play action pass which keeps them off balance especially depending on what the down and distance for that play.

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