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Brad Lester | Qualities to become a prosperous Athletic Trainer

Updated: May 12

Anybody could become a good athlete by getting proper training, but it takes exhaustive efforts to become a good trainer. Be it any field, music, dancing, sports, or alike, a mentor is the role model of the student. In the field of athletics, a trainer or a coach plays an important role in shaping young minds and bodies to make them tougher on the ground.


  1. Possess good communication skills- you must have such communication skills in you that everybody is listening to you must be taken away by your words. This means your words should inspire young athletes to move forward.

  2. Decision-making- there could be situations where during a sports event, being a trainer, you need to decide something instantly. Therefore, you must be well prepared to deal with such situations.

  3. Honesty- one should be honest with his profession whether he is a teacher, doctor, coach, or anything else. If you are not trustworthy, then your followers might not listen to what you are saying.

  4. Be compassionate- in case an athlete commits a mistake during the event or he gets injured, then you must treat him with compassion rather than being angry with him.

  5. Prepare in advance- an athlete trainer should prepare himself for the unforeseen circumstances.

A trainer should be quick at responding to whatever is happening on the field . Brad Lester.

Brad Lester


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